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Current Statistics

Total Plant Photographs12874
Total Florida Plant Species with Photographs2031
Total Florida Native Plant Species with Photographs1157
Total Endemic Plant Species in Florida with Photographs141
Total Rare Plant Species in Florida with Photographs519
Total Invasive Plant Species in Florida with Photographs83
Total New York Plant Species with Photographs491
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Nature photography has long been a love of mine. I invite you to enjoy the photographs on this site and to learn from them

Please respect my ownership and adhere to the conditions of use.

What's Here

There are four principle types of photography on this site: Florida and New York plant photographs, Florida wildlife photographs, Florida ecosystem photographs, and a collection of personal favorites that do not fall into any of those categories and which extend far beyond Florida.

Every effort has been made to identify plants correctly. However, there are no guarantees! For a collection of images that have been identified by experienced and qualified Florida plant taxonomists, please see the Universitiy of South Florida, Institute for Systematic Botany link (see the menu "Resources").

Thank you for the many compliments I have received regarding this photography.

----- Shirley Denton